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your hosts at Airy View Lancaster Bed & Breakfast

When we first got married in 1978, we entertained the idea of purchasing an old farm house, refurbishing it, and opening our own Lancaster Bed and Breakfast. As life had it, that kind of project just didn’t happen. In 2012, we were looking to downsize after our two grown children had moved out, when the opportunity to purchase Airy View presented itself, and an old dream became a new reality!
Lancaster Bed & Breakfast with AlpacasMary was raised on a dairy farm in southern Lancaster County and has always enjoyed cooking, gardening and decorating. Fran grew up in a row home in Glenolden, a Philadelphia suburb. He moved to the area when he was starting high school. Fran enjoys working on all assigned projects both inside and out. He is quite a handyman and has built, restored, or improved many things around our B&B as well as taking care of the grounds.

In memory of Mandy, Max's sweet Mama!
In memory of Mandy, Max’s sweet Mama!

The 1870’s stone farm house was preserved in the original renovation completed in 2000. We purchased the property in July, 2012 and spent a year making it our home, working inside and out. Our love of “old stuff” and traditional country are evident throughout the house. A unique feature is the spring running through the house which feeds the pond which is just off of the patio. We opened our B&B for business in July of 2013. Our gardens and grounds continue to be a work in progress with changes occurring often.
We have two grown children, a daughter and son. In 2009 our son married, so we welcomed a second daughter to our family. Our bichon,Max, is our official greeter. You will receive a warm welcome from him! Bruester, Bryce and Freddie, our Alpacas, joined us in July of 2013. They enjoy eating out of our hands. Joey the swan, and Dutchess the duck, keep a watchful eye on things from their view on the pond.

We look forward to meeting you and making your stay in Lancaster County a truly memorable experience,worthy of repeating.

Your inn keepers at Airy View B&B,

Fran and Mary